Director:Jorge Macazaga

ROBERT BOSCH BRASIL CURITIBA is an important brazilian company, with áreas of Engineering Design and Production, devoted to sophisticated electronic injectors. Contracted CLEVER OUTPUT, for Transformation of main Areas and Processes, with Lean/Agile Organization tools.

The Project had a lot of staff participation, and using Lean/Agile Organization tools, were improved Processes of Planning, Programming, Production, Logistics, Purchasing, Engineering, Human Resources, and Continuous Improvement.

A new Agile Organization was implemented too, that linked Commercial, Engineering, Quality, Purchasing and Production Areas. New Product Developments, (Electronical and Software) and Product Release lead time, were reduced more than 50%.

ROBERT BOSCH SPAIN, a 3000 persons factory located in Cantabria, Spain, is the main factoy of this region, and dedicated to motor starters manufacturing, which are exported to all the world.

Robert Bosch contracted CLEVER OUTPUT, because of the deep expertise in Lean/Agile Organization in Manufacturing and Office Areas, between several Strategic Consulting companies. Target was to improve the overall company performance, because of closing risk, despite great automation and robotics level of the factory.

With a joint team, CLEVER OUTPUT implemented Lean/Agile Organization tools in all the Production, and several areas: Purchasing, Logistics, Engineering, Planning, and Programming.

Lean/Agile Organization was also implemented in main Suppliers, to get a continuous Flow. Factory Planning System, based in SAP APO, which applied Finite Scheduling, was functionally improved. Results were impressive, Factory gained competitiveness, and was an example of Lean/Agile Organization techniques for Bosch in Europe.

BANCO PATAGONIA, is one of the largest Argentine Banks. Through an extensive bidding, selected CLEVER OUTPUT, between known Strategic Consulting companies, because of the deep expertise in Lean /Agile Organization.

Lean/Agile Organization cells were implemented in all Back Office, with an innovative relation with Branches, based in our propietary Methodology.

Productivity increase was 50%, lead times were reduced, customer service was enhanced, and also internal motivation was achieved. As a result, number of Clients were dramatically improved.

Pay back of our Projects is always less than one year.

Remote Consulting available in Lean Management and Agile Organization Projects.

Mentoring Agreements to other Consulting Companies.