Director:Jorge Macazaga


+ Global Strategic Diagnosis
It is an innovative Global Strategic Diagnosis. Granular diagnosis of costs and incomes. Competitiveness factors, are mixed with Lean/Agile Organizations concepts and Digital Transformation, to offer a clear path of Global Transformation, to reduce costs and increase incomes and client service.

+ Lean Transformation /Agile Organization Transformation
It is the whole transformation of an Enterprise to an Agile Organization. CLEVER OUPUT has an unique experience of complete Transformation of all the Areas of a Company with Lean Agile cells in Value Chain processes, Support Processes and Projects in Industrial and Service Companies.
Cost reduction and superlative customer service is achieved. EBITDA is increased.

+ Lean Production
Our consulting firm, is leader in Lean Production implementation. We have assesed more than fifty companies, in a global transformation. Industries such as: Metallurgical, Steel, Chemical companies, Electronic companies, Textiles, Pharma, Plastics, Food, Process and autopart makers companies. We have implemented Production Cells in all the production process, Kanban and Theory of Constraints, Kaizen and functional improvements of production Systems. Huge cost reductions, productivity increase, lead time and inventory reduction were the results.

+ Agile Cells Implementation
Proven experience in Agile Cells implementation, for software development, product development,  and product release and innovative projects in all areas. Propietary Methodology to scale complex projects. Customer Experience and Analytics tools enhance quality of Designs.

+ Lean Logistics
CLEVER OUTPUT developed an unique Methodology, that combines Lean/Agile, “Pull concepts” in the Supply Chain flow. Inventories turn over increase, lead times are reduced, and disintermediation is enabled in many cases. Analytics tools and Simulations, improve the Design of a new logistics network (for industrial and service companies).

+ ABC (Activity Based Costing)
CLEVER OUTPUT has implemented several ABC Projects in industrial and service companies. Granular results, for strategic decisions.

CLEVER OUTPUT Innovative Change Management Methodology, accompanies all the Lean /Agile Organization + Digital Transformation Projects, assuring benefits. Work in Communications, New Profiles, TeamWork, Incentives,  and Human Resource cells, assure a smooth implementation.

+ Innovation
Our unique Methodology, assures an structured path in Innovation to design an Agile Organization. Design Thinking mixed with Customer Experience processes and Analytics, produce more precise Designs, to test Hypothesis.

Pay back of our Projects is always less than one year.

Remote Consulting available in Lean Management and Agile Organization Projects

Mentoring Agreements to other Consulting Companies.