Director : Jorge Macazaga

Benefits of our Projects,
always exceed 3 : 1,
the ratio Benefits / Costs

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Buenos Aires


+ Lean Transformation / Agile Transformation

It is the whole transformation of an Enterprise to Lean. CLEVER OUPUT has an unique experience of complete Transformation of all the Areas of a Company to Lean ( Industrial and Service Companies).

+ Global Strategic Diagnosis
It is an innovative Global Strategic Diagnosis. Competitiveness factors, are mixed with Lean / Agile concepts and Digital Transformation, to offer a clear path of Global Transformation, with associated cost benefits.

+ Lean Logistics
CLEVER OUTPUT developed an unique Methodology, that combines Lean / Agile concepts in the Supply Chain flow. Inventories turnover increase, lead times are reduced, and disintermediation is enabled in many cases.

+ ABC (Activity Based Costing)
CLEVER OUTPUT has implemented several ABC Projects in industrial and service companies. A functional design that has also been used to System parametrization.

+ LEAN / AGILE + Digital Transformation CULTURE
CLEVER OUTPUT Innovative Change Management Methodology, accompanies all the Lean / Agile + Digital Transformation Projects, assuring benefits. Methodology adapts traditional Change Management concepts to Lean / Agile implementations, together with Digital Transformation Projects.

+ Innovation
Our unique Methodology, mixes Lean / Agile concepts with Design Thinking Techniques, to offer an structured path to Innovation in all the Areas of a Company.



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