Director:Jorge Macazaga

Benefits of Lean / Agile Organizational transformation:

Customer Service
Relational Coordination

We have implemented this Transformation, in many Companies: Telcos, auto part makers, Food, Electronics, Drugmakers, Metallurgicals, Process, Utilities, Energy Transportation, Banks and Insurance Companies. We have helped more than one hundred companies. Results: Productivity Increases: 15% to 50%, Lead times reduction: 30% to 80%, Fixed cost reduction: 15% to 30%.

Experience in Lean/Agile Cells, in all the Areas of a Company: Purchasing, Systems, Logistics, Engineering, Human Resources, Production, Marketing and Commercial, Front office and Back Office.

International experience in Agile Cells, in Product Development, Product Launching, and Complex Software Development. Leveraged by our contribution in Customer Experience and Analytics.

We are leaders in this type of transformation.

For English Reading, please obtain our Book: “The Process Based Organization”, Human Resource Development Press (USA)

Pay back of our Projects is always less than one year.

Remote Consulting available in Lean Management and Agile Organization Projects

Mentoring Agreements to other Consulting Companies.